Intuition to the Emotional Rescue

My family and I were supposed to take a trip by car out to California (from Minnesota). We were all set to go for two weeks, when, the day before we were supposed to leave, my husband’s vehicle started having problems. So he took it into the dealership to have it looked at. The dealership told him his transmission was going out and that it would cost us $4800 to fix. We were shocked because the vehicle did not have that many miles on it.

Of course we couldn’t go on our trip now. That combined with some other major issues that had recently popped up kept us home for those two weeks. At first we were disappointed, but our luck seemed to change.

When my husband told me what the dealership said, my intuition said, “no – it won’t cost anything.” Ok, so that was a little unusual, however, my intuition is always right. It was right about us not going to California (even though I was in denial about it) and it was right about all of the other issues that popped up before we were to leave. So, I didn’t get upset.

In the meantime, my husband took his SUV to get another opinion. They told him it was something else and they would fix it for $200. Again, my intuition said, “no, it’s the transmission”. They called the dealership and had a conversation about it.

The result? It was the transmission and the dealership would pay for us to get a new one. Why? Because this was a known problem with that vehicle and because we just bought a brand new car from them – my car. They want our continued business.

When my husband told me this, my intuition said, “yes, that’s it.”

Several years ago, I would have gotten very upset with the $4800 story. Now, I don’t get upset at all because my intuition will tell me the truth about it. If it had said that we would have to pay for the transmission, then I would have used my intuition to guide us through the process. It always works.

People often ask for ways to develop their intuition because they can see the benefits of it. I will tell them to start with something they don’t care about, like who will be elected mayor in a town in another state, or which stocks will go up or down. Start there and then move on to more difficult questions. If you need help, take a class or hire a coach. There are many of them out there.

Oh, and about the cancelled trip to California? It just got rescheduled. It will be my Christmas present!