How Effective Is A Saw With Missing Teeth And A Broken Handle? The Physical Dimension of Renewal

In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr Stephen R. Covey discusses the importance of physical health; of rest and relaxation, and regular physical activity as it relates to maintaining and enhancing your overall well-being; a renewal of the body.

This article will explore the importance of the Physical Dimension of Renewal and explain why you need to work to keep it whole.

Poor Health Affects How You Feel And How you Think

Whether you have a long term condition (obesity, diabetes), or a temporary condition (bed ridden with pneumonia, feeling under the weather with a cold), or any one of hundreds of other physical ailments take a moment and think about how you felt at the time.

How inspired where you to take action and get things done?

How motivated where you to strive for your goals?

How many times did you think, “tomorrow… when I feel better tomorrow, I’ll make up for missing out today.”

How social do you feel when you get sick?

How stressed-out do you feel about those extra pounds?

See where this is going yet?


30 – 60 minutes a day is all it takes, and it doesn’t even need to be all in one go – a brisk walk at lunch, or after dinner, a few minutes stretching in the morning, and again in the evening. Stay active throughout the day and don’t sit for hours watching TV and you probably have this part covered.


Eating right is something most American’s struggle with, more so than other countries around the world. The convenience of fast food, microwave meals, and unhealthy snack foods combined with hectic, and lazy, lifestyles all combine to work against out health.

Simply skipping the drive-through, cutting out soda, candies, and fried foods, and drinking more water would be a good start for most people.

Stress Management

Getting that good nights sleep, taking time to relax without thinking about work by taking a walk, reading a good book, dropping your kids off with your parents for the evening once a week – find ways to let your brain escape the worries of the day, and attack your problems afresh with a clear mind, and you won’t have to worry about the stress daily life can impose on us.

Renewal in Balance

Your physical health:

  • Determines your energy-levels and therefore your ability to act.
  • Affects your motivation and therefore your desire to act.
  • Can impact your confidence in yourself making you far less social, and kill your inner security.

By focusing on getting the appropriate levels of physical activity, balanced nutrition, and taking time to refresh your mind and body, you will feel a whole new you – focused, concentrated, motivated, and even inspired.