Why Is Body Language So Important?

In the beginning of the 20th century, a new study began to be developed in order to help people understand one another. This study is called: Body Language and it is currently used by most of politicians and businessmen.

While the topic might sound familiar yet not exactly interesting to most people, it is the most important thing to learn what it is about before jumping into conclusions. Body language is not intended to be used as a lie detector but rather a solution to help people of different cultures understand one another and the development it has gone through is quite complex and extremely important in many different aspects of life.

While you might not need that right at this moment because your computer is not going to lie to you, you could definitely use it in every aspect of your life. If you are going to have a business deal you will definitely need to know the type of person you are dealing with and while his or her words might be prepared, words make 7% of communication and the remaining 93% are consisted of gestures and facial expressions and manners of scratching chin and whatnot.

If you are not going to use body language then you might as well be a naïve person with zero experience in dealing with people because while you might not find the topic of any interest others will be using it against you.

A study for avoiding making unintentional gestures that might appear on one’s own self so the study is being taken seriously and many people are getting the basic point of it.

Take a moment to think about it. If you are playing any sport, you will have to be looking for your opponent’s gestures; especially in combat or martial arts. You will be waiting for an opening to strike or to make your move when their pose is the one you are looking for. It’s the same like playing poker. When your opponents seem hesitant, making this specific gesture with their fingers, you will know that you are winning but when they have this direct smile drawn on their faces, you know that you should play safe.

If you think about it, you will realize that you can utilize this study in many different things, not only with business and sport, but your social and personal life; with your children, family and so on.

If you are introduced to someone, they usual make this ‘first impression’ and if you were to a specific interest to them, they will study your pose, the way you hold the cup of coffee you’re about to drink and the way you shake your leg when you are not being comfortable with the conversation. They will take all of that in consideration within moments of the meeting and they will have based an entire sheet of the outline of your personality at that moment.

If that says something, it should tell you that you are supposed to understand and utilize that tool to your favor in order to leave better impressions on people and at the same time it will help you get the truth when someone is lying.